Anthony Salvador  – 12th April 2018
Subject: Re: Retriever to UK

Thank you Sam.

All safe and sound. What excitement at HARC. I wonder does anything not seem like fun to him.

We are back in the groove after a swift reunion.

He loves it down here and ran until he fell over yesterday.


Happy he can sleep in a bed again and get daily treats too.

He’s trying to get the attention of two very rude ponies over the road right now!


I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done.

Switching was the best thing I could have done.



Heather Hardern – 9th March 2018

Hi Sam,

Sorry for not emailing sooner. All the dogs are healthy, happy and having a ball in the UK! Thank you so so much for all your hard work to get them here. They were absolutely spoilt with attention and love at the pet hotel and we were even asked for an interview for the episode airport pets on channel 4. So they are already stars in the UK 😂

Kindest regards



Cohen Family – 10th February 2018

Hi Sam,

Lee sent you an e mail or whats app this morning. They safe and sound already running in the snow and chasing racoons.
What fun they having  !!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for everything whew such a relief warm regards

Zoe Cohen


Lindsey Harpur – 9th January 2018

Hi Sam.

Just wanted to say that Nala is home safe & sound.

Thanks again for everything!




Sharmain Dixon “Chef Dixi” – 20th Decemeber 2018

Our new home.

Thanks so much for your excellent service.

Lots of love

Chef dixi




Tito Ponto – 19th October 2017

Hi Sam

Thanks for your great service, I really appreciate it. Duda has arrived safely, he still looks tired and and feels out of place, but he will improve.

The agents in Lisbon were great and there was no surprises, everything went smoothly.

Thanks again for your help and giving me the correct information.

Kind regards

Tito Ponte


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