Animal Travel Agency was established and has been operational since 1971 as the first agency to ever deal in pet travel and animal travel services and has been moving your beloved family pets since.

Our highly experienced pet travel team are all animal lovers with many years in the field thus ensuring your pets are handled with the same care and concern you would give them yourselves.

Our consultants pride themselves on ethics and commitment ensuring that your pet relocation process runs smoothly.

We realize there is a lot to worry about when relocating.

We promise to ensure that Animal Travel Agency gives you professionalism and a step by step guide in all the necessary requirements and procedures.

We adhere to a strict standard of conduct and code of ethics.

Allowing us access to work with a large database of agents worldwide who we trust to treat your pets with the same level of service and professionalism.

Not only will we provide you with the peace of mind, we will also handle all the documentation required to ensure a smooth, uncomplicated pet travel and animal travel service process for you and your furry family members.

Our provided travel containers are hand-made to the highest specifications ensuring strength and durability without compromising the comfort of your pet.

In the event you require kenneling we only utilize the services of reputable boarding facilities or our own with whom we have daily contact and whos premises we have inspected ourselves ensuring that your beloved furry family members are safe, secure and well taken care of during their stay with us.


We look forward to taking your pets on their own adventure and ensuring that they are safe and reach their destination on time.